Sunday, February 12, 2017


by Jamie Bennett

Recently I got the opportunity to install some decals on the front of the Beergarden in Eugene, Ore. We got up early, did the damn thing and it looked great. These decals are to promote the Beergarden's Bacon, Bluegrass and Boneyard event. I plan to attend this event for my birthday, and maybe take photos. I am definitely going to eat a bunch of bacon.

Read on to see the full installed graphic, and to learn about future projects.

Below is the full window with decals installed. This was a really fun project that I got to work on with Casey (featured above and to the right).

There were some odd people who stopped by during the installation. Whenever I install decals it seems to attract lookie loos. There was a man looking for a job. He stopped by at a very awkward moment, and it was hard to give him the attention that I know he wanted. Then there was some crazy crackhead who was running around like a super hero.

I love Beergarden. They have great food and a fantastic, friendly staff. There are a ton of options at their food carts, and their pricing is extremely affordable. I would recommend Beergarden for the great food, music and to anyone looking to try a wide variety of craft beers.

In the future I am planning on releasing a business video that will highlight all the services that I offer. You will be able to see me in action and hear my voice. It's taken me awhile to get the equipment needed to do this, but I now have the technology. I also took January off of this blog to help pilot a personal side project. I can't talk about it at this time, but it's going really well. Thanks for reading this post and have a fantastic February.