Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lego Project for the Sake of Learning

My wife is an art teacher at the high school and middle school level. As a benefit the school was auctioning off various things and this was one of those things. A kid and two friends of their choice were given paint pens and walked through the process of properly masking things to produce this sort of art work. To the left was the basic template that was provided. The full process was explained from start to finish. We just couldn't have kids spray painting.

I always thought that masking was hard, but over the years I learned how easy you can create things with stencils and through various masking techniques. It was nice to be able to share this with the kids. All the lego people were spray painted with flecks through out, and I can't believe how well the kids did (featured below). I thought maybe my wife did all three... You're basically set up for success with these templates. I have done a bunch go lego people personally and it's always a lot of fun.

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Come on Down to Mohawk Tavern!!!

by Jamie Bennett

Here is a commercial we put together at a local tavern in Springfield, OR. It's based on footage we acquired during the Guy Reporting business. I think it turned out well. It's garnered over 2k views on Facebook. There was lot of organic traffic through shares. 2k is a good bit of traffic in my experience. There were also a ton of shares.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pear Blossom

by Jamie Bennett

Every year I head down to the Pear Blossom festival in Medford, Ore. This year was no different, but it was easily our best showing. I went down Friday afternoon and installed some incredible decals along a Roadtrek Versatile. This Roadtrek pulled Eggie dancing in a SylvanSport Go. I followed Mr. Peanut in his peanut mobile, and as such everyone already had their cameras out... ready!!!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Guy Reporting

by Jamie Bennett

During the month of March 1 was doing a mock news report at Mohawk Tavern in Springfield, Ore. I was Guy Reporting and the whole thing was a lot of fun. I was going to post this sooner but as usual I am slammed. I am editing a final rendition of Mohawk's video now that will be a generic commercial for electronic promotion. It should be out sometime April or May. It was fun shooting these. Just a world wind style of shooting in an attempt to gather assets for this future commercial. I am hopeful to have a video for Cascade Colour in the near future. 

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Sunday, February 12, 2017


by Jamie Bennett

Recently I got the opportunity to install some decals on the front of the Beergarden in Eugene, Ore. We got up early, did the damn thing and it looked great. These decals are to promote the Beergarden's Bacon, Bluegrass and Boneyard event. I plan to attend this event for my birthday, and maybe take photos. I am definitely going to eat a bunch of bacon.

Read on to see the full installed graphic, and to learn about future projects.