Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Supper with Santa 2016

by Jamie Bennett

So this year I only got to play Santa once, and to mix it up, we decided to make it a dinner party. It was great! It lasted a little more than an hour. All the kids showed up in that time, got something to eat and were well behaved. To the left is a picture of my family with Santa (me). Everyone who participated received good food, special treats and a printed photo. 

I would have liked have liked to play Santa at least one more time this year, but my production schedule is going to make that impossible. Guaranty purchased a new Santa suit, and it's incredibly nice. The boots are especially nice. They even got me a fake tummy. 

Well, merry Christmas, happy holidays and have yourself a fantastic New Year. I am headed to Disneyland next week.

Click here to see the photos of me playing Santa!