Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kickoff to Bad Sport Puns

by Jamie Bennett

Photo both season is underway. This means I get to spend a bunch of time photographing manikins. This year we are adding the University of Oregon to our regiment. We are still doing Oregon State University, and this year our pictures will appear on the Jumbotron at both stadiums. We get mobbed at Autzen Stadium. The traffic of people is heavy the entire time. I live close to Autzen, so I can skateboard in and out during game days, and this makes the whole thing so much easier on weekends..
Here is a link to the photos we took at the first game. People come and take photos with the manikins, we post the picture and we print them a copy. 

Read on and you'll see some of Eggie's extended family.

So I got out and did some Eggie stuff while I was there. People took photos with me, and you'll never believe who I ran into?!? (cliffhanger)

I was spotted by my cousins. I guess I am hard to miss. That was pretty cool, and I had a great time, even though things got a little weird at the end. Typically, when alcohol is involved at an event you should be prepared for the crowd to turn foul at any moment. Nothing bad happened, but perhaps I won't do a second round after halftime at future games. I kept expecting a depantsing. The crowd was certainly more animated after several drinks. Well that's all I got. Go BEAVES and go DUCKS! At Guaranty you're on friendly turf.

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