Tuesday, August 2, 2016

And I Still Went to Cape Blanco!

by Jamie Bennett

I broke my arm before the big show. After months of preparation, I fell and received a hairline fracture on the radial horn in my left arm, but I still went to the Cape Blanco Country Music Festival. We were a hit as usual, didn't miss a beat. Here is a photo of me wearing my heavy egg suit, featured on the festival's Facebook page. It was great. Eggie had more name recognition then ever. I didn't have a cast. I didn't need one, which stinks because I broke my arm. I deserved a sweet cast to paint on! I have never broken anything in my life to warrant a cast, and I feel a little sad that I missed out this time.

Read on and I'll give you some highlights from this weekend.

I went out on the 27th of July and stayed till the 31st. I won $81 at the Mill Casino playing the penny slots the first night. I also think the current political climate was palpable at the festival. I endured mild racism and jingoism throughout the weekend. I am a professional, so I let things just rolloff my back. I was mostly focused on making sure people saw our brand, and I wanted those people to have positive interactions with our team. Everyone had a great time, and my arm held up fine. Everyone loved our promotional items, and my cowboy hats (see earlier posts) were a huge success. To the right is a photo of me. You can see I have no cast, but I am holding my arm a little funny. It's still a little stiff, but there I am with Jason Aldeen under the signs I painted last year. We are in Guaranty's photo booth. Set up and tear down was super easy with my super awesome Guaranty friends.

I leave for another country music festival next week, and until then I will be resting up. TTFN (ta ta for now)!

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