Saturday, July 16, 2016

Updating Our Monuments!!!

by Jamie Bennett

So I spoke too soon with my last post title. I can't remember whether or not I thought I was being funny, but the worst was not over. I will talk more about that in the full post, but for now let's look at these beautiful LED signs below.

I'm hopefully going to be able to tap into these from my office. We will have three sets of these facing north and south along Highway 99. We are even going to project public notices for the city from time to time. It should be awesome.

If you read on there will also be a video of the new channel letters for our momunents.

So the worst is not over, not by a long shot. I have painted 98 cowboy hats and still have 105 left to paint. It's not the end of the world, but couple that with the upcoming country music festivals, new monument signage, a relaunch of and is getting overhauled too. I will be in a new CRM for the Chevy side of the business. So the worst is not behind us, it's right now... LOL... Tonight I plan to update some of my portfolio pages with SWAG I got in, so check that out.

Below is a short video of the channel letters that we'll be updating our monuments with. Guaranty is sprawling along Highway 99 in Junction City, OR. Signage does little when you consider how spread out everything is. We have three outdated monuments that are old and barely noticeable. My hope is that by installing these LEDs, and channel lettering we will be more noticeable. Also that in doing so our hanging banners and in store signage will be more powerful. We are almost all of Junction City, so you can't miss us, but still. The white letters in the video below are black during the day time. It's going to be pretty epic. I will post pictures on social media when they are done.

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