Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Big Sale

by Jamie Bennett

So I have been running various collateral materials out of Guaranty's marketing for well over a year, but I have only recently taken on producing all of our direct mail in-house.  I have embedded a video showing my setup, and you can see the oversized postcards that I am producing for our various shows. So far the paper cutter has paid for itself. We are paying 70% of what we once spent on production, and we have doubled our direct mail footprint in the local markets.

I love having the tools to produce these materials in house. It gives us a great deal of flexibility, and allows for a shorter turnaround on these materials. It seems as though the time I use to spend ordering certain materials, and arranging for delivery has been neatly folded into this production time. The reward for all my efforts, is having marketing materials in house within hours, as opposed to days.

For our big shows, featured in the video below, I am producing between 10,000 and 15,000 finished mailers. I run them two up on 12.5x19" paper. It takes me roughly two days to complete the production of these mailers. If I outsourced the job it would take roughly four to five days to produce these materials.

I am working on eventually getting a better camera, and maybe creating some title intros for these videos. Perhaps, in the future I will produce more "how to videos," so stay tuned. As you can see, I really need a bigger office.

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