Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mourning Herb Nill, and I am an Art Director

by Jamie Bennett

How I came to be in Oregon is not interesting. I worked in Vegas, and the clients were notable. I learned a lot, but the Pacific Northwest is a much better arrangement for a person such as myself.

Six years ago I moved to Junction City, Ore. I did research before moving, and Guaranty looked like a dream company. The thing that I found most attractive was that I would be working in house for a family business that was forward thinking. I was impressed with the resources, and excited about the opportunity to make a mark on a company. Often as a marketer you are stuck in a rigid set of brand standards. Guaranty was wide open territory. Guaranty is a company that is bridging country overhead, and big city selection. We are online, growing, and we are nimble. Our CFO is also incredible, and I trust his judgement better than my own.

Herb believed in me. I don't know how much he knew of me, but I had several interactions with him. He treated me with love and respect. Herb was in the air force, and my own family was too. I often felt like I belonged at Guaranty, unlike I belonged anywhere else. It has been as if, I have trained my whole life to be here now. Herb raised amazing sons, and this whole company is his legacy.

Do read on. I will add a video.

Herb is an amazing man with a whole credo that is inline with my upbringing. The basics of his mantra were beat into me as a kid. Work hard, treat people with respect, and play fair. Principles that decent humans can live by. I don't know if I have always played by those rules personally, but Guaranty does. I aspire to work where I work. I aspire to be what Herb saw in me. I think the one principle that I find hardest to adopt is playing fair. I am just impatient. It's easy to cheat, but the Guaranty family has been showing me the light. Working hard has always come natural to me, and Guaranty certainly provides ample opportunity for work.

The cool thing is that things are coming up Milhouse. We still have a lot of work to do, and there are some big dealers out there. We need to stay competitive, but the competition is only as good as the class of people they employ. Speaking from personal experience, we own the region. I also don't know who is the competitions' equivalent of me, but who's better than me? :)... I would do anything to protect my friends and family at Guaranty. Thank you Herb for bringing me into the fold, and I wish I got to spend more time with you. 

Just as an FYI, I am now an Art Director. It is official, and a title that I deserved before coming to Guaranty (based on basic job duties that I have performed over the years). I didn't go seeking the title, as much as it was thrust upon me. It feels good, and I am grateful to Guaranty for the opportunities they have afforded me.

All our YouTube videos are edited by Daryl Toops, another very talented and devoted individual.

If anyone knows who took the photo of Herb (above to the right) I would gladly share a link or credit for such an awesome photo. I think I may have a source for ferreting that out, but I did not take that photo. I just love it.

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