Monday, February 22, 2016

Electric Cutter from China

by Jamie Bennett

I am currently working on bringing more of Guaranty's production work in-house. I have been padding entry forms, notepads, and I also absorbed the cost of decal plotting. I use the plotter to make a-frame boards, vinyl banners, and to decorate vehicles for special events and promotions. At some point I plan to go more in depth into how this equipment works. For now I would like to discuss this cutter.

So I plan on producing more of our collateral materials for marketing, in particular our direct mail. This should save us some money, and increase our marketing spend's footprint. So I got the new printer and there was some money left for an electric cutter. I figured we could get an electric cutter from between $3,000 and $6,000. After looking around, I decided to roll the dice on this cutter. I got it for under $2,000, and it comes with a two year warranty. I have worked with electric cutters in the past, and this isn't a bad machine. I figured if I could keep it lubricated and cherry for two years than it would more than pay for itself. Maybe at that point I might want to upgrade. Most American made machine start around $5,000 to $6,000 for basically the same machine that you can get from China for $3,000 to $4,000. At least, that's what it looked like while I was researching. You may wanna make sure that you don't have to pick up your cutter at the port, unless you're some sorta bodybuilder. This machine comes delivered to your business for a decent price. I will have to keep you posted as to how wise my gambit was, but for now I am really happy having my own electric cutter.

There's only been one problem so far, but you won't know what it is if you don't read on.

The only problem so far has been an incomplete user manual. It was a little vague, requiring some clarification, and customer service was rather taxing. I don't think the customer service was bad, but somethings were definitely lost in translation. China also starts their work day when we all go to bed, so if you have a question, it takes a full day to get an answer. The secret when dealing with Chinese support is to shoot videos, and point a lot. I really hope that this all works out. If it does than I will make a video about lubrication, and general information regarding this tool. It's been running like a champ for two months now, and has cut hundreds of stacks already.

Above and to the right is my new printer. In the near future I will write a little bit about this piece of office equipment. Get ready for that!

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