Saturday, October 31, 2015

SPOOKY, Back Dated Stories!!!

by Jamie Bennett

I have been waiting to post a number of smaller projects that I have been working on. The reason for this is that I wanted to continue to promote My RV Business award (above the fold). It's older news now, and I am stacking blog stories at this point. I currently have two blog entries, in addition to this one to write.

To the right you will see some packing that I created for the good people at Bear Mountain Honey. They will soon be selling these "stix" all over Lane County in various healthy food stores. This is really good stuff, uncut, and great on everything.

If you haven't yet expanded the story you should! I got a laundry list of interesting projects, and accomplishments to review.

Here I am with Jordan Poyer. Actually it is just a mannequin, but the jersey is real. I have been going to most of the Oregon State University home games, and helping to run a photo booth. You can come get your photo taken with Jordan, in front of our logos, and we also give you incentives to visit our Chevy dealership and our RV Travel Center. It has been fun, a little hectic, but ultimately a good learning experience. We run two Canons (Selphy CP910s) photo printers. These little guys are troopers. These were the same printers we used at the Willamette Country Music Festival and Cape Blanco photo booths. They lasted all season. I did a little bit of Eggie too, during this period. He is currently in the shop for repairs. I am not a big sports guy, but it was fun spending more time with my colleagues outside the office. During this time Eggie made appearances at Autzen and Reeser stadiums.

To the far right there are icons on laminate. These are a part of a permanent installation down at Guaranty's trailer lot. I got a small some of money to decorate the double wide. I got some really nice frames, and hung some of my favorite photos. I also hung some cool spray painted pieces, one of which is our logo (just sprayed elegantly on laminate). If you ever get the chance to check it out you should. I am not going to post a ton of pictures here, because they are probably featured elsewhere on my website. I wanted to talk about the four logos to the right, because I have been spraying a lot of signs like this around Guaranty. If you should see a similar sign around Guaranty than you assume it's mine. It was made from my homes old floor. The home my first child learned to walk on. So in my mind, I am very grateful to have immortalized these pieces. Take care of them.

Finally, since it's Halloween ;)... on the far right there is a photo of me at work during our Halloween costume contest. I went as Bad Sam. If you're into RVs you'd get the reference right way. I was thinking about going as Good Sam, but he is clean shaven... I made the decal on my sweatshirt with a plotter. It was the easiest costume that I ever threw together. On actual Halloween, I went as Anger from Inside Out, but that has less to do with work. HAPPY PERPETUAL HALLOWEEN!

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