Saturday, November 28, 2015

Big Bet Means Big Fun

by Jamie Bennett

This is the end result of this years Big Bet campaign. Every year Guaranty's owners (the Nills, father and son) make a wager about who will win the Oregon State (OSU) vs University of Oregon (UO) football game. Shannon, the son went to OSU and his father went to UO. So this year the bet was that the looser would get a tattoo dedicated to the winners Alma Mater. Shannon lost, and so he had to get the Ducks mascot tattooed on his arm.

If you expand the story you, you can see the commercial, and additional tattoo concepts.

So to the right you can see the flash sheet I put together for facebook. Here is a link to a slightly larger version. It was in fact, a fake tattoo that I had ordered. It says "Duck It." I also ordered one with a beaver that says "Dam It," just in case the Beavers won. I personally want the rooster with the 99 highway sign. I love tattoos, and this was a fun project.

Below you will find a YouTube playlist of other classic Big Bet moments. It plays in reverse order, starting with the results of this year's bet and working it's way backwards. This is because, I link this playlist to the promotional page at Guaranty, and having it run in reverse order enables me to throw up the commercials as I get them, without having to update the embedded links. I wonder what they will do next year. I doubt they could top this year's bet, but we shall see.

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