Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bi-Mart Country Music Festivals are a Wrap

by Jamie Bennett

So Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival was wonderful this year. The acts were great. Our Rising Star area didn't have power for the most part, and my generator kept shutting down. It would be on for an hour, and then it would shut off for three or four hours. It kept overheating. It was rough, but at least the weather wasn't as hot as it was in years past. I had a great time. The signage was looking great. In the next section I will show you what out Rising Star area looked like (the area where our guests would gather for dinner, and to party after nightly concerts).


So to the right is our Rising Star "lounge" backdrop. I thought it was epic in comparison to what we had in previous years. So I included it. 

Below is a video shot from a GoPro positioned in Eggie's mouth. It is of the time that I spent on stage. It isn't the most exciting footage, but then again it is. It really, really is. 

;) ENJOY!!!

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