Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cape Blanco Country Music Festival 2015

by Jamie Bennett

Cape Blanco, 2015 was probably the best time that I have had at one of these country music festivals. I  use to couch my appreciation of music with platitudes about how "I like just old country," and "how new country is too much like pop." I don't think I will do that anymore. I really had a great time at this festival, and will admit to rocking out (slightly). To the left is a photo of me with the marketing team. My wife and daughter are there too. I painted all the signs hanging there. This was our FREE, old-timey photo booth.

Llew (my daughter) met Amy Clawson after her show, and Amy was incredibly sweet to her (Llew was star struck). Llew was also boot scootin all weekend, high on sugar.  I got incredibly close to the main stage during the Florida Georgia Line performance. I also think someone from Florida Georgia Line put on the egg suit when I was backstage. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of/with them (completely understandable), but they put on one hell of a show.

I got on stage this year to help Amy Clawson shoot t-shirts out of a cannon. Our booth wasn't as busy as I expected, but we were further off the beaten path this year. We were still slammed. We had the best giveaways this year – light up glasses, bracelets, necklaces, killer Eggie koozies and more. It was a great weekend. I am exhausted now, but thankful for the experience. In two weeks we will be doing this all over again at Brownsville, for Willamette Country Music Festival. WCMF has a much larger crowd, and I may be too wiped out to really take in the music. From now on I will say (when asked) that I like all music, mostly without exception (so long as it's good or quirky).

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