Monday, February 9, 2015

Mutton Busting

by Jamie Bennett

One of the great things about being a graphic designer is getting to put images onto things that you never considered as canvas. Here I am standing next to some live stock shoots that were going to the rodeo in Albany, Ore. One of our palooza's was taking place next to the rodeo and so we sponsored the mutton busting. I installed decals on the shoots that the sheep shoot out of.

Mutton busting is essentially plopping kids onto sheep and turning them loose. Kind of a family friendly version of what usually happens at the rodeo. It was a lot of fun.

Another great thing about being a designer is that often I am called to broaden my horizon. I am familiar with rodeos, but I must say that I am not a fan. I feel bad for the animals, particularly the bulls and horses. Torturing animals was probably more fun before the advent of cable television. 

That being said... I had to get my daughter on a sheep. I remember seeing mutton busing as a kid and thinking, "I could do better." Llew was super pumped. I think that the people at the rodeo thought I was foolish to put my daughter on the sheep. That was at least, the impression I got. There was a Dora the Explorer helmet so she couldn't have been the first. Llew is brave and can take a spill better than most boys. I wasn't worried. 

CLICK "READ MORE" TO VIEW LLEW RIDING THE SHEEP... The guy pulled her early which I thought was a little unnecessary but perhaps, it's better to leave some decisions to the professionals. Llew was mostly disappointed that her socks got dirty during the process.

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