Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Photo Booth Season!!! (Plus Country Music Wrap-up)

I am back at Autzen Stadium this year in support of Guaranty's photo boot. We have a new mannequin and will be getting an even newer mannequin soon. So far my favorite mannequin has to be the  one we used at Oregon State University last year. He just looked buffer, and most like a football player. Who would have thought that I would have a preference in mannequins? And how many times can I say mannequin in one post?

I will be with Eggie in the Moshofsky Center before every home game this year. Come by, give Eggie a high five, and make sure you get your picture taken with that day's game jersey. We will print you a copy on the spot. Go Ducks!

There's not much to say about Willamette Country Music Festival that hasn't already been said. I went and worked the photo booth, did my Eggie thing, installed signage and had a great time. I had an epic sick day. I think it was bad fish, a gas leak or something. It was awful.

Read more to see more photos from this event.
So Craig is very talented. He took the Eggie photo above. I am high fiving some guy that I see every year at Willamette Country Music Festival. This guy is a huge Eggie fan, but who isn't? I got a ton of hugs and high fives out there. Craig took the concert photo below at a higher resolution, but I am just posting a thumbnail. You can tell there are a ton of people. This event is always well attended. Next year will be the last time this event takes place outside of Brownsville. I guess it will be heading north, closer to Portland. Anyways, have a wonderful September!