Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PAC 12 or Bust!

by Jamie Bennett

So I have two plotters that I run almost continuously. One at work and one at home. Work purchased me one because they saw a benefit to being able to create large decals on short notice. I can't say I blame them and it was I that suggested it. Anyways, here is a coach that I decorated with all manner of Duck symbols. I purchased about 20 yards of yellow and green vinyl and just went to town. To the right is a photo of myself on a scaffold behind the rig. I am adhering a helmet. Expand the rest of this post for additional photos.

To the left is a photo of KZEL radio hosts Mark and John. These two drove the rig to the game. They took photos all around the rig and you can see those on their Facebook page. The rig itself was a Thor A.C.E. and it was decorated inside with Duck gear as well. It looks like they had a good time on this adventure. I was excited to be outside applying decals to this coach. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and it looked great when all was said and done.

The Ducks also crushed Arizona 51-13. So it feels good to have backed a winner. I never really had a favorite sports team. I played football, baseball, wrestled, ran track and did various other competitive sport related activities. I enjoy exercise but I never got into being a spectator. I like being an artist and being spectated. The Ducks got panache. I could see myself liking the Ducks.

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