Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shooting the New Store Front

by Jamie Bennett


My first impression of Junction City, Ore. was that this particular town was certainly stuck in an era. In fact, you could argue that this is why we do such great business. I lived in J.C. (what the kids are calling it) for two years and I loved it’s whole ambiance. It is usually grey and there are vehicles everywhere. Everything is within walking distance and if you see anyone than there’s usually a pleasant exchange. That being said, our Guaranty Chevy show room was in a desperate need of a facelift and it got it. You can see some of my grand opening banners in the background and also we kept parts of the old dealership intact (far right).


The dealership needs some additional pictures for electronic and print advertising. We took photos when they first finished for our grand opening and we now want some pictures that look lived in. I wanted to pull down the grand opening banners but I was told not to. So soon I will be re-reshooting. John in Service let us bower his classic Chevy suburban. John was kind enough to let us borrow his Chevy station wagon last year for our Function for Junction ad (
posted under Display Ads).

We are also shooting these photos for this years Function for Junction program. Our ad is due earlier this year and the weather has been fighting us. Function for Junction is our annual classic car show that takes place in Junction City. We (Jason Fairchild was the photographer) captured good/even lighting but the fog was thick early on in the morning. I kind of like them with the fog. It is very reminiscent of Junction City, Film Noir and Bugsy Siegel. Someone at work gave me digital copies of classic Junction City photos and there is a very similar greyness to many of those photo as well. Junction City feels like these photos look and I personally love it (not sure what that says about me but J.C. is great nonetheless). I will do some mockups where I fix the sky (similar to last year’s) when I get to the originals on Monday (1/4/13).

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