Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome to the Cascades – A Very Good Place to Start

by Jamie Bennett


June 14, 2010 was the first day of my new job at Guaranty in Junction City, Ore. I started working in advertising at the age of 20 and if you can’t tell yet I am righting this as a retrospective entry. Anyway, I stared working in advertising at the age of 20 and this would have been 2005. I was rejected from a grand opening because I was underage. I wish I had this blog up and running back then because I probably would have had some crazy great pictures to post. I am going to list some great entries that will never be. Entries that I would have loved to have had the time or financing to post. I never knew back then that these events would be so reoccurring and/or atypical. I began advertising at 20, was tossed out of openings for being underaged (despite being the designer), the first concert poster I made for the House of Blues was for the Violent Femmes, I attended tons of concerts / openings in Las vegas, Nev. I have a great Chris Angel / Cirque Du Soleil story. I moved from Vegas to Georgia, from Georgia to Chicago and back to Vegas up to Oregon. I have helped create at-least two spokes personalities and I have stories to tell. I wish I had posted all along. I judged and advertising competition and won awards (first prize). I talked to school children about commercial art and even read to them.

Maybe it’s all for the best. This website is called Cascade Color after all. I feel like that when I was getting started as a commercial artist that I was trying to get paid to buy programs and learn. I wanted the experience and I needed the money. I wasn’t sure if someone was going to tell me to stop working or if I would no longer obtain experience. I was looking for the right experiences. I was working for access to the programs and I wasn’t positive that I was any good at all (in regard to design). Basically there wasn’t much incentive to document the process or tell any of the stories.

It turns out that I am very good at design and now I am ready to share. I want to archive everything for other designers to use as a resource. I want to create a source of inspiration and outreach for this community (Eugene, Ore). If the people in my life, weren’t in my life, in the order and time they were in my life, than I don’t know how I would ever know half the things I do.

It’s one thing to be ignorant but knowledge is FREE and needs to be shared. So don’t be ignorant and don’t deprive others of knowledge. I hope you find topics relative and contact me with questions about file formation, materials and methods of execution.

In 2010 I moved to Junction City, Ore. My wife and I were never happy in Las Vegas, Nev. but at that time this was where I could find the experience that I wanted. I decided to move once I knew I had learned everything there was to learn, I hit the ceiling and I knew I wanted to offer more to our clients than their finances would allow for. I love working in house and I love working in a smaller town with a different economic dynamic. I love getting out into nature and being able to devote myself 100% to a single vision for a family friendly / giving / generous company.