Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mourning Lance Hose

by Jamie Bennett

Lance Hose was a father, husband, photographer and friend. He was a complicated individual. I wish I knew him better but he was always one to keep people at arms length. I will miss him dearly. I utilized his skills as a photographer for over three years. He was great. Great personality and a wonderful photographer. We shared office space, stories and exchanged jokes. We saw each other through good days and bad days. He was a wonderful photographer to work with. He took my all-time favorite pictures of my Llew with Santa. He had a real eye for portraiture. His work constantly surrounds me at Guaranty. You could tell Lance what you wanted in a photograph and he would nail it without effort. 

It's interesting how at work and in life we often don't really take into account how much we affect one another. I couldn't have fathomed that Lance wouldn't be coming back today. I think we are often in such a hurry to leave work and get on with our lives. We are so beholden to the clock and it's a shame that at work, there is that barrier of "we have to be here." I wanted to be there with Lance. It was a real pleasure. I loved shooting with him and just talking to him. He has twice my life experience. I learned a lot from him, even though we didn't always see eye to eye on things. I love him like a brother. I hope he knows that. I am sure his real family loves him even more than I could imagine and all my love goes out to them. I am very sorry for their loss. It is a very sad day.