Monday, November 25, 2013

New Site – Under Construction

by Jamie Bennett  is being overhauled. Cascade Colour became an official LLC over the summer and we just wrapped up a ton of work for the Lane County Parks department. It is time to give the old site a facelift, as well as rework it's optimization for mobile devices. This site and blog is a work in progress but we hope that you find the commentary insightful and the artwork inspiring.

New to the team is Anne C. Anne joined Jamie this summer and worked with him freelancing for the Lane County Parks department. It was an exciting experience in team building and we got tons of exciting pictures to share with you. 

We currently have a back log of blog stories to post, so please be patient and check back in the archives frequently (as I continue to amend our history, over the next several weeks). I hope this blog serves as a resource for like minded creatives, that you find value in our posts and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Some pages are currently empty. I am hoping to finish those pages some time this or next week but at least the portfolio pages are up and running at this time.

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